Stay in touch to find out where you can find our spices!  Thank you!


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    • Hi Vicky I certainly will be. Don’t have all my approvals yet but will let you know when I will be able to! Thanks so much for visiting my Island Seasonings Blog 🙂

    • Hi Ian! Thanks so much for your inquiry! They sure will be. New Health Laws and Regulations have pushed me back a bit but I am hoping they will be very soon! I will let you know once I get all my approvals. So sorry for the delay.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you, Michael for your comment and interest in my Prince Edward Island Seafood Seasonings. I had hopes of getting all my approvals to be able to sell my Seafood Seasonings but new health regulations have pushed my date back a bit. I apologize for the delay and I want to Thank You for bringing it to my attention that my blog needs to be updated. I will be posting on my new website this fall and am eagerly awaiting on all my approvals so that my delicious Seafood Seasonings can be enjoyed by all!

  1. Hi Michael, so sorry for the delay in answering you. First, the changes in health regulations were just implemented. I do have approval to blend and sell my Seafood Seasonings but only in local shops here in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In order to sell them in a Store or ship them outside of PEI the government now requires me to have an industrial kitchen. I am promoting my Seafood Seasonings on Twitter and Facebook because I would like to build an interest rather than just throwing them out on store shelves and for sale on an internet store with only hopes of getting customers. There are so many different spices blends and seasonings you can buy right now. Bigger companies have the budget and capitol to build large campaigns quickly through media advertising. I however am just a small one person business trying to help it grow as I go along. I don’t have large amounts of money or financing coming in to help me do large scale advertising so I felt that generating interest beforehand and getting people to learn all about seasoning, cooking and preparing seafood would be the best route for me to take right now. I know my Seafood Seasoning recipes are unique and delicious and well worth the wait. Thank you for your on-line store recommendation. Your thoughts,feelings and advice are very much appreciated. All the best dear friend.

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