Seasoning Blends

Here in Prince Edward Island, Canada we all agree that the secret to great tasting seafood is a great seasoning.

So try one of  our Prince Edward Island Seafood Seasoning Blends for your fresh seafood.

Summerside Blend:  Our small city blend is BIG in flavor.  This blend has the most amazing combination of delightful savory herbs and spices to dress up our smelts!  These tasty little fish are a real treat here in the winter when the ice glazes over our waters.  Our Summerside Blend makes a meal of smelts a big hit!

FrenchRiver Blend:  Is a tangy seafood seasoning blend that’s as adventurous as the people that live here.  We’ve carefully selected and added just the right amount of  herbs, citrus and spices which go into this a lively blend that  makes our lobsters sing in the pot!

OysterBed Blend:  Prince Edward Island Oysters have flavor beyond compare and our OysterBed Blend flavors these tasty morsels quite nicely.  So get those taste buds ready for an experience they’ll never forget.

NewLondon Blend:  New London, PEI is a strong community with lots of mussel.  Prince Edward Island Blue Shell Mussels that is!  and they are tasty!  Our New London blend has what it takes to mussel up to your next feed of our mussels.

Kensington Blend:  Is a small town blend that’s big on flavor!  We’ve carefully mixed the right combination of herbs and spices perfect for clams.

Rustico Blend: Get ready to set those taste buds on fire!  This seasoning is a fiery blend that really is hot…hot…hot!  The people in Rustico don’t fool around when it comes to their seafood and there is nothing like a real Canadian Shellfish boil or a Canadian style Paella.  So if your taste buds crave some action.  This seasoning blend packs a punch. Excellent for Shrimp & Crab!

NorthShore Blend:  Our NorthShore Blend captures the richness and beauty that’s found here.   It’s a breath taking mixture of flavors with a colorful combination of savory herbs and spices blended perfectly to harmonize with distinct and more moderate flavors found in fish like mackerel, tuna, Snapper and Trout.

Cavendish Blend:  We’ve taken this traditional seasoning recipe and blasted it right out of the water with the most amazing flavoring blend that’s perfect for milder flavored fish like cod, haddock, halibut, hake and Sole!

Charlottetown Blend: Is our Capital seasoning.  A majestic blend with superior taste crafted just for Salmon.

Malpequeshore Blend:  Is a combination of panoramic seasonings that capture and give you flavoring on a much grander scale.  Excellent for Clams.

ChowderPot Blend:  Is a unique blend that is best suited for seafood chowders as the longer cooking time releases it rich flavors.  Each seasoning & herb we selected for this blend will give your seafood chowders the most amazing flavor!

WEED Blend:  Yes, WEED!  It will get you high, but not the kind you’re thinking of!  Our WEED Blend is a simple blend with simple flavoring with a kick!  So it will get you high but only on this blends delicious flavorings!  Perfect for mild to medium flavored white fish.

Stay in touch for more blends that we’re mixing up and sampling that will be available soon!

4 thoughts on “Seasoning Blends

    • Hi Cathy,

      So great to hear from you! We are still currently in our building phase and haven’t gotten to market our Seafood Seasonings yet, but to answer your question. Yes, we will have lobster and seafood bases for soups, chowders and sauces. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll contact you once we are up and running. Thanks again!

      Prince Edward Island Seafood Seasonings

    • Hi Judy! Thanks so much for your question. This can be anything you want it to be. Fish-based simply means that the combination of herbs and spices are ideal with seafood. For instance “Old Bay Seasoning” is typically used in fish dishes, it isn’t specifically used just for seafood but the combination of spices it contains are good with seafood. We’ll be selling our own Chowder Seasoning but until then try one of these fish-based seasoning combos for your chowder.

      1. Cayenne Pepper, Bay Leaves and fresh Parsley (flat leaf or Italian)
      2. Cayenne Pepper, Thyme, Marjoram, and fresh flat leaf Parsley
      3. Tarragon, Thyme and Parsley.
      4. Oregano, Parsley, Marjoram, Dill, Thyme, Basil, Sage, Rosemary and Tarragon

      Bon appetit!

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