August 2014 – Update

Hi Everyone!

I must apologize for my tardiness in keeping my blog up-to-date.  My schedule this summer has been quite amazing actually.  I had my kitchen inspections done and passed, but new health regulations are requiring business like mine to work from or have an industrial kitchen.  Something I admit I didn’t plan on at this point.  So in order for me to not have any distribution issues later on I have decided to delay putting my Prince Edward Island Seafood Seasonings for sale for just a short time to comply with the new regulations.  I must admit I’m a bit disappointed about the set-back but I have faith that all will work out for the best.  I also believe that if you produce a top notch product, it’s worth waiting for.

I know my goal was to be out by Spring, but for quality purposes I want everything to be right the first time and not done in small intervals.  I appreciate your kindness, interest and patience.  I promise the wait will be well worth it!!



Debbie Murphy, Prince Edward Island Seafood Seasonings