How To Get Pan-Fried Fish Crispy Like The Pros

Seafood cooking tip from: Sydney Fish Market.

How do I get the skin on pan-fried fish really crisp, like they do in restaurants?

Pat the skin with paper towel to make sure it’s as dry as possible. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (some chefs say a thin dusting of plain flour helps too). Get your pan really hot, add a small amount of oil then put the fish in skin-side down and gently press down with an egg lifter to prevent the skin curling. Cook the fish three-quarters of the way through on the skin-side, you should start to see the flesh turning opaque around the edges of the fillet, indicating that it’s cooked through, then turn the fish over to just finish cooking (1-2 minutes). Don’t be afraid of a hot pan and resist the urge to turn fish too soon, and you’ll have crisp skin like the professionals.